The one important organic ingredient most people forget…

(and how it could be affecting your mental and physical health)

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If you’ve already embraced organic food, drink, clothes and beauty products, you’ll be in no doubt about the health benefits that come from choosing products that don’t contain toxic ingredients. They taste better, make you feel and look better, and come with better animal welfare and ecological credentials.


But have you missed an essential piece of the organic lifestyle that could be undoing all those healthy choices?


How organic is your home?


When we think about organic, we tend to focus on what we directly put in and on our bodies. As a result, we often overlook the toxicity in our immediate environment. We forget that, for most of our day and night, we’re sitting and laying on products laden with synthetic chemicals – and these toxins are seeping into our skin or being breathed into our lungs.


It turns out there are some pretty harmful ingredients in many of the items in our homes. Pesticides, phthalates, fluorinated substances (PFAs) found in stain resistance, synthetic fragrances and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in everything from our wall décor and beds to our sofas, carpets, candles and curtains – and they all come with health warnings for babies, children and adults alike.


These toxins are known to contribute to a scary list of ailments, health issues and diseases ranging from headaches, sleeping problems and skin conditions to asthma and cancers.


What can you do to detox your home?


Fortunately, as with organic food and drink, there is an increasing number of healthier alternatives for the home including organic mattresses, plant-based bed linen, non-toxic paints, natural fabrics, sustainable wooden flooring and formaldehyde-free furniture.


In fact, the growth of organic, eco and sustainable home furnishings is booming worldwide (woop!) – but it will take some time for people to move from fast-interior design (a.k.a. cheap, convenient and trend-led) to buying items that are built to last without damaging the planet – or our human health.


For too many, it’s been easier to sweep those terrible toxins under the rug. Ignorance is bliss, right? We’ve become a nation more interested in minimising stains in carpets than choosing healthy, chemical-free flooring we can safely let our children play on.


Spread the organic word…


Education is key, and it takes a few organically-minded consumers to set the trend and spread the word. Yes, we’re talking to you, you wonderful people.


You already know that natural materials, organic ingredients and sustainable choices make more sense for our minds, bodies and planet. We just need to bring that ethos into our homes – into everyone’s homes.


Yes, people may roll their eyes when you tell them, for the hundredth time, that their non-organic mattress could well be the reason they aren’t sleeping, are suffering back-aches, brain fog or headaches, but stick with it. Just as the organic food and beauty product markets took a while to take hold, awareness of healthy homes will grow too.


Let’s fill our Instagram feeds with #ConsciousInteriorDesign, populate Pinterest with our #HealthyHomes and inspire others with our #OrganicLifestyles.


If conscious interior design excites you as much as it does us, but you don’t know where to start with creating a healthier home, we can help.


Discover more about our professional interior design services or enrol in our next conscious interior design course where we’ll teach you how to transform each room of your home into one that boosts your health and happiness.


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Full Interior Design
Fee on request
Whether the project is residential, commercial or hospitality this package will cover everything from concept to construction.
  • Site visit and client briefing
  • Spatial planning
  • Conceptual design (2 revisions)
  • Furniture selection schedule
  • Feature lighting selection
  • Window treatment selection
  • Finishes selection schedule
  • Door and ironmongery selection
  • Developed design documentation
  • Site progress meetings
Condensed Interior Design
$2,500 / £1500 per room
Let us look after your new look. We’ll cover conceptual design, finish selection and furniture curation.
  • Site visit and client briefing
  • Site measurement
  • Spatial planning
  • Conceptual design (2 revisions)
  • Furniture selection within budget
  • Feature lighting selection
  • Window treatment selection
Furniture Curation
$1500 / £900 per room

If you have some idea of the look you’d like to achieve, but just don’t have time to deal with quotes or choose furnishings, this is for you.

Package includes:

  • Site visit and client briefing 
  • Site measurement
  • Spatial planning 
  • Furniture selection within budget
  • Trade account discounts provided
Design Session
$500 / £300 per room

Plenty of style, not enough time? This package will include one-on-one time with us so that we can help you find the right brands and pieces.

How it works:

  • Send us a video tour of your room
  • 1hr phone consultation to discuss design direction
  • We will send you a tailored list of suppliers to suit your budget and design direction.