8 eco-friendly paints for a non-toxic and beautiful home

How to choose non-toxic paints that are less harmful to your health and the planet!



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When you want to create a better quality of life, you should also strive for an eco-friendly approach to your home. It’s not only important to be mindful of the products we bring into our home but the impact those products have on our overall well being and the environment.

A good start to having an eco-friendly home is by giving it a fresh coat of non-toxic paint. We often forget that while paint has a huge impact on how we feel in a room, it also has a huge impact on our health. But why non-toxic you say, and what does it mean? Well, it all comes down to the ingredients and the overall health benefits it can have.

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Why does non-toxic paint matter?

Toxic paint can release airborne chemicals or gases that can severely damage your health. These toxic emissions are known as VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and can cause breathing problems, skin disorders, itchy eyes, dizziness, headaches. They also are known for contributing to global warming. Yikes! VOCs are much higher indoors than outdoors according to the EPA, which is why we should be even more mindful of creating an eco-friendly home.

The good news is that in recent years VOCs have been drastically lowered and most paints are now swapped to a water-based formula (as opposed to heavily-fumed, oil-based paint) along with some higher quality brands containing naturally sourced ingredients like plant-based oils and waxes, mineral oils, clays, chalks and other extracts from natural sources.

What are the benefits to your eco-friendly home?

  • Well obviously you are healthier as the reduced toxins benefit everyone from little ones to our four legged friends, including those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.
  • Looks after the environment and reduces landfill, groundwater and ozone depleting contaminants.
  • Low-VOC products perform well in terms of coverage, scrub and hide (covering flaws on previous coats) which give effective end results. Win!
  • It’s naturally water-based and therefore easy tp cleanup with just using soap and warm water.
  • There’s little or no hazardous fume and has low odour during application with no off-gassing.
  • Painted areas can be occupied sooner.
  • To top it all off it’s not deemed hazardous waste, so your cleanup and disposal is greatly simplified.


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Our top picks for eco-friendly and non-toxic paint

Most well known paint brands like Dulux, Crown etc have some eco-friendly ranges and their main paint collections are lower in VOC’s. But why just go with ‘some’ eco-credentials instead of looking to the smaller brands that consider the environment and your health first.

There are some amazing companies out there leading the way with environmentally friendly paint. Here are a few non-toxic brands that we love.

Earthborn Paints (UK)

These guys offer a range of eco-friendly designer breathable paints. The colours available are perfect for those seeking designer, fashionable wall colours (‘Donkey Ride’, a warm neutral, is one of our faves). Their paint is free from acrylics, oils and vinyls and is low in VOC’s. It’s also completely breathable, and is perfect for older buildings where the walls may contain moisture.

We love it because: their sustainable Claypaint is completely odourless and makes the perfect choice for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.


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image source: @earthborn

Little Greene (UK)
These guys have been committed to protecting the environment for a long time. Their paint has virtually zero VOC and are mainly water and oil based paints.

We love it because: they have full transparency on how they reduce their environmental impact, this even includes their packaging!

image source: @littlegreene

Lakeland Paints (UK)
They are free from everything! Solvents, vinyl chloride, acrylic softeners, plasticisers or formaldehyde, phthalates, APEO’s, bisphenols glycols and plastics! It just makes you wonder about all the nasties that paints used to have in them before companies began to be more conscious.

We love it because: their paints are also VOC’s free and they contain no heavy metals!

image source: @joannahenderson

Ecolour (AUS)
These guys originate from beautiful Byron Bay and their paints are water-based, 100% VOC free and certified carbon neutral.

We love it because: they make their paint by recycling and refining waste engine oil that Australia produces annually! Now that’s cool.

image source: @evelinaro

Volvox (AUS)
VOC free and made from clay it’s even more kinder to the environment and your lungs. A good side note – clay paints are really good for those with allergies or sensitivities to chemicals.

We love it because: their minimal odour and permeable finish results in better indoor air quality.

image source: @molle

Graphenstone (UK + AUS)
This brand is neat! Their paints are made from lime, silicate, clay, chalk and other natural ingredients. It’s not only non-toxic and VOC free but also has no oil or plastic that is traditionally used in paint to have good coverage and dry quickly. Also, the cool thing about it is that it contains Graphene, which is a conductive material that enhances the hardness, durability, compression, tensile strength, elasticity and coverage of the paint, all the while also reducing the carbon footprint.

We love it because: It not only causes less environmental damage but it also aids in absorbing Co2 from the air, exactly like a tree would!

image source: @graphenstone

Little Knights (UK + AUS ships worldwide)
Very few paints are 100% VOC free but these guys are! Their paint range is vibrant, emission-free and even antibacterial for the little ones. They’re independently tested and all their claims have been verified.

We love it because: the entire Little Knights range of eco friendly paints actually absorbs formaldehyde from the air, reducing harmful emissions released into your home and especially where your little ones sleep.

image source: @little-knights

Bauwerk Colour (UK + AUS)
Last but definitely not least! Breathable non-toxic paint that works with nature. Made with clay, minerals and natural pigments. They really care about the environment, down to the way they manufacture and dispose. But most of all they care about your health and the impact paint has in your home.

We love it because: It’s got so much depth and texture once it’s applied. They also collaborate with cool designers who create colours with a different eye and we love a good collab!


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