Getting Hygge design With It

5 ways to perfect that hygge design style in your living room

photo image: @richstapleton

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Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a warm atmosphere or mood that is created from enjoying the good things in life with the ones you love. Even though Hygge design isn’t an interior style by definition it is often created in the home as a way of surviving the colder months. Fire places, warm throws and cuddling up to loved ones is classic hygge design. To us, perfecting hygge design is created by surrounding ourselves with natural materials and pieces that are beautifully handmade, but not finicky… a habitat that can be enjoyed by the family.

So how can you perfect that hygge design style in your living room?

1. linen curtains

100% natural and incredibly comfortable, linen is one of those fabrics that get better and softer with use. Linen is great for the environment as it is made from flax which does require any irrigation or pesticides to grow. Even better, the entire plant is used; the seeds for either bread or linseed oil and the fibres for linen, paper and insulation materials. Natural, warm and textural … that certainly is ticking the hygge design boxes!

source image: @ooaa_arquitectura

2. recycled cushions

Fast fashion has an enormous impact on our environment with the average shopping throwing out close to their body weight in textile waste each year.  Unfortunately this churn and burn approach is not just limited to fashion but also interior design, with people opting to buy cheap and buy often to keep up with the ‘trends’.  As we consider ourselves the antidote of ‘fast’ interior design, so we find it  comforting to know that many textile companies are giving these fibres a second life. For example recycled denim can be spun into a surprisingly soft and beautiful yarn, emerging as a good alternative to cotton. Products and accessories that create comfort and also have a feel good story behind them are a perfect way to create hygge design vibes in your living room.

source image:

3. pure wool throw

Pure wool is natural, warm and timeless. Like everything produced by humans, wool affects the environment in some way. All things into consideration though it is a fantastic renewable fibre that biodegrades readily, warm yet breathable and requires washing at a very low temperature. We love it and we can’t imagine anything more hygge design style than snuggling up under a woollen throw on a stormy day! There are also wonderful brands like Selijak who make stunning woollen blankets and throws from recycled wool!

source image: @ooaa_arquitectura

4. natural rug

Buying a rug that is 100% handmade, with sustainable fibres is a great way to add warmth and texture to your living room. Rugs made by local artisans ensure intricate weaving traditions are passed down through generations. Always look for suppliers who have Fair Trade practices. Our favourite suppliers who are producing not only ethical but gorgeous rugs are:

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source image:

5. candles

A hygge design lounge room wouldn’t be complete without an abundance of candles. As we have ranted about previously, not all candles are made equally so always opt for beeswax candles. They are free of toxins, have a longer burn time and a great honey smell. Our favourite tried and tested beeswax candle brands are below:

AUS suppliers

UK suppliers

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source image: @bymolle


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