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10 essential steps to fulfilling your perfect hallway design


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Ever wondered why you feel instantly comfortable in some homes and not others? It all comes down to the entrance and whether the design has been consider.

The outside world is non stop, with the busyness of work and relationships, we can often feel overwhelmed, so it is even more important as ever for your entry or hallway design to make you feel instantly calm and grounded.   Approaching the design to your entryway in a thoughtful manner is vital for your wellbeing. Having a sense of feeling protected, calm and welcomed as soon as you come home and walk through the door will create a sense of escapism. 

We don’t believe in entrances being over the top, quietly confident and a little understated is a lovely way to enter your home.

The entry sets the tone for the rest of your home so keep it simple, clutter free and hopefully the rest of the home will follow suit.

By applying these recommended hallway design ideas listed below, you too can have an entrance space that’s beautiful, functional and welcoming no matter how big or small your space is.


A warm and inviting neutral palette is a great way to achieve that wholesome and calming feel. Moody colours with natural wood tones and neutral rugs are ideal as they are soothing shades are not overpowering. By keeping things neutral it gives the opportunity for personal items like colourful accessories to really stand out.

hallway-design-ideas 11
image source: @mylittleempire

natural flooring

For entrance ways or hallways that have a lot of footfall, hardwearing floors are best and you can’t go wrong with wood which is extremely durable and easy to keep clean. To create a sense of cohesion throughout your home, use the same flooring from the entryway in the other rooms of your home as well. This monolithic approach will ensure your home feels larger too. 


Even though a rug will add a sense of softness to your entrance, keep in mind to use one that is made with durable material. Natural rugs made of a hard wearing material such as coir or jute, as opposed to synthetic, cotton, or silk rugs, can handle the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic.  Pop a rubber mat outside and a coir one inside and you’ll notice the difference. 

Also, consider mixing up the shape of your rug. While a rectangular shape is popular, a square or custom shaped and even a runner might be a better fit for your space.

Following these hallway design ideas will ensure you and your guests feel instantly comfortable and at ease when entering your home.

hallway-design-ideas 0
image source: @ash_newyork

console table 

A narrow table is the ultimate pleasing yet practical addition to a hallway. It is a classic choice for providing storage for keys and pieces, as well as a surface on which to display your photographs, candles and trinkets. Frame the table with a vase, lamp and a mirror overhead. This could be a great opportunity to add in a vintage table that is modest and humble to achieve those ultimate homely vibes.


There’s always time for one more check before you rush out the door. A mirror makes it easy for popping on your lippy or seeing if you have any food stuck in your teeth. It can especially act as an eye-catching focal point for a small entryway. Look for a mirror with a bold frame, and hang it above your vintage console for an instant visual boost. It’s also wonderful for bouncing natural light around the space so that it feels less stuffy. 

hallway-design-ideas 10
image source @thisismcguire

feature chandelier

We consider this hallway design idea the most important.  Why …. because the first thing you do when you come home to an empty house is turn on a light and therefore will have the most immediate impact on your space an how you feel.  A feature chandelier or pendant light can enhance the space without the risk of clutter.  You can also opt for wall sconces, and create ambient lighting that directs either up or down.


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hallway-design-ideas 03
image source:@clairedelmar


To achieve that entryway statement you can dress your console table with an interesting lamp, tray for your keys and a floral arrangement. Make sure that you have a few personal artefacts that pay homage to the rest of your home and to your personality.


Whether it’s a bench, stool, or chair, seating gives your guests a spot to sit down and take off their shoes. Entry seating can also be easily accessorised with casual pillows or throws to soften the noise bouncing in the space as well and to add a bit more of your personality too.

hallway-design-ideas 09
imagesource: @nathanlindberg_1


We are huge advocates for placing greenery in every room of your home as they are great for your wellbeing. Plants like Chinese Evergreen will clean the air and make your entrance feel like a more homely space or blooming flowers can be the first pop of bright colour you see when you walk through the front door. Go for a classic, low-maintenance flower you can keep up year-round, such as an Orchid or just switch up the flowers with the change of each season. 


Another great thing is to add a scent to your entryway, use some sweet honey smelling beeswax candles that not only look great but also set those homely welcoming vibes. After all, our mood is affected by all of our senses.

hallway-design-ideas 05
image source: @galerie_half

Remember: you only get to make a first impression once, whether it be for your guests or for your wellbeing, so it is imperative that you follow these hallway design ideas to ensure that impression is a positive one. 


We’re two down-to-earth Aussie gals sharing a passion for quality design and designing spaces that improve your well-being.


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