Going with the Grain

The wholesome effects of natural wood


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‘The most successful interior design is that which most closely echoes the natural environment’ – HRH the Prince of Wales

image source: @axelvervoort

You have to admit, there is no better designer than mother nature and wood elements especially engage our senses to the highest degree. Natural wood specified in interiors aids in creating spaces that go way beyond aesthetics. Wood makes us feel grounded within a space by bringing us closer to nature because of its simple and natural qualities. There is just something special about wooden elements, the crackling of burning wood from a fireplace, the smell after a lit match, the textured feeling of a wooden handle, the creak of your wooden floor as you walk on it, or the cosy wooden framed chair that you sit on by the window and look out at the world from.

image source: @atelier_am_inc

A great quality about wood is that it is timeless. Vintage finds that have transferred hands are now sort after in homes because they give interior spaces so much more soul. We can all agree that if a wooden object has history it becomes even more interesting, as we understand the real value and story that unique objects hold. Nowadays, an old lamp, table or chair is considered really hygge and highly supports the notion of a more grounded and slow paced lifestyle.

image source: @michaelsinclair

Even wooden children’s’ toys have become popular again after years of mass produced plastic toys. Running your fingers across a natural wooden table, or wrapping them around a warm ceramic cup is a distinctly different feeling from being in contact with something that’s man made like steel, glass or plastic. As you may have figured out by now, our approach to interiors is not just about how things look, it is just as much about how things feel. Biophilia describes the effect of humans’ connection with nature really well. We are a part of nature and so we respond to it positively when in contact with it.

image source: @liaigre_official

An interesting study from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences has documented that nature or elements of nature in both outdoor and indoor settings can be beneficial for human health and well-being. Wood is a natural by product and it therefore provides some of the same psychological and beneficial effects when applied indoors.

image source: @ooaa_arcitectura

Sustainability also plays a big role in being driven towards using an organic material like wood as it perfectly captures the spirit of our age. Wood is also structurally organic and robust, easy to work with and insulates brilliantly against both heat and cold. The locally available building material is easy to process, very powerful and extremely simple to combine with other materials. These are just perfect qualities for a pleasant and healthy interior climate.

image source: @atelier_am_inc

At Conscious Cribs, we always prioritise finishes that are not only better for the environment but also make us ‘feel’ better. Wood generates a pleasant and healthy atmosphere in the spaces where it is used and a space that feels better not only physically but also aesthetically can make you thrive on the inside, therefore having a positive effect on your overall well being.

Lets face it, wood is and always has been a gorgeous, natural and durable material. This is why it should always be considered as a timeless element for any interior.


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