Five best paint colours for your bedroom

when you can’t be bothered to buy test pots

Styling by GreyDeco | Photo by Jonas Berg

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stripping back needn’t mean holding back

Whether you’re renting a pad or own a place, the quickest way to transform your room is through paint!  At Conscious Cribs, we are big believers that choosing the right colour for your room will have a big impact on your wellness. How so? Paint is the backbone of any good interior design and a simple colour will create the right foundation for your objects’ personality to shine and play while creating a harmonious space.  Choosing the wrong colour for your space can drastically affect your psychology and energy levels and seeing as we spend at least 8hrs there, we really need to maximise that happiness.

what feng shui says…

Feng Shui can get pretty complicated the deeper you go with it and like Pinterest you can get pretty lost if your not an expert navigator.  The headline teachings suggest choosing a paint that represents a skin colour is the best option for the bedroom. This gives a surprisingly number of options from dark brown to light beige.

Image source: @laurapshort

what colour psychologists say…

Cool, calm & collected … yep that pretty much sums up the colour blue, so it’s no surprise that colour psychologists recommend blue for the bedroom for those very reasons. Although blue does come with a warning, as picking the wrong shade can be disastrous and is often harder to nail the right shade than a neutral.  We know you guys are busy people, so just stick to one of the options below unless you really are keen to grab a lot of sample pots.

Image source: unknown (please let us know)

what conscious cribs recommends …

We recommend soft, creamy colours that are not defined by trends or brands, they will stand the test of time and provide a luxurious palette for your place of rest.

  1. Amsterdam by Bauwerk Colour
  2. Mykonos by Bauwerk Colour
  3. Eggshell by Bauwerk Colour
  4. Pearl Barley by Graphenstone
  5. Mist by Graphenstone


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