Conscious interiors for 2020

It’s a lifestyle not a trend

Photo by @ahousebythetrees

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As we embrace a new year it is time to take stock on the past decade and evaluate how we want to live moving forward. We’ve been asking ourselves how we can embrace new trends and live a little more consciously with minimal stress.

The key is to understand that interior design trends will come and go each year so it’s important to make decisions based on the lifestyle you want to create, not what is just ‘in’ right now. By taking time to consider what furniture you really need and how you really use a space will result in a home that is simple yet meaningful.

Here’s our stress free guideline to making conscious interior decisions in 2020.

It’s a lifestyle not a trend

Ikea might seem like a good idea at the time, it’s cheap and the designs look trendy. But how many of us have bought furniture from Ikea only to have it break within a year or look a little lob-sided as our handyman skills were not quite up to scratch. It’s simple human psychology, we don’t place value on things that are mass produced and cheap and this unfortunately leads to unnecessary landfill. So in 2020, take the time to really consider what pieces you need in your room, do your research and invest in items that are built to last. Always opt for FSC certified timber and local manufacturers where possible, even larger companies like West Elm have product lines that are fair trade and sustainably made. Interacting with a beautiful and ethical pieces in your home can only lead to good vibes and a sense of wellness.

source image: by noedewitt design by @junipertedhams

Opt for local creators

Knowing that something is handcrafted will make you appreciate it more, who doesn’t love a personal story behind an item. Handcrafted products will give your space a sense of style that is uniquely you and the easiest way to begin is with homewares. Try and always purchase from local artists and crafters, the materials they use will inherently reflect the area you live in, giving a unique sense of style. Below are some our favourite locals for tableware.

AUS: kwceramics 

UK: sofiaceramics

source image: @dore

brighten up your space
Balance your rooms

To evoke a sense of calm and balance within your space there are two rules to take into 2020. Firstly, feature walls are out… feature walls make rooms feel smaller as the change in colour or finish break up the space and therefore drawing your eye inwards. To make a space feel brighter and larger, paint all walls including all trimmings in the same colour. Secondly, ensure all of your bulbs are LED and a consistent temperature. Bulbs too cool will create a clinical and hostile space, whilst bulbs too warm will make you feel like you’re living in a sepia dream. 2700 temperature is just right and the safest. Consistent lighting throughout will awaken your home by unifying the rooms, making it seem bright and inviting.

home of @natalie_shirinian and @elizabethbaudouin source image by @laurejoliet

back to nature
Let’s get real

In our books they were never in, however we have increasingly seen the uptake of faux plants in the past few years. Let’s kill this trend in 2020, faux plants do not benefit your wellness in any way … if only we could trick our minds that easily! Being exposed to real biophilia however improves the air quality within your home and increases your immune system. It’s a no brainer for us.

source image: @flotowarner design by @alexisbrowninteriordesign_ architecture by @elizabeth_roberts_architecture


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