Sleep essentials for a non-toxic nursery

Our top picks to help your baby have a healthy sleep

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A baby’s nursery should alway aim to evoke a sense of calm, natural ease and soft sleeping sounds. 

It’s only natural for parents to want to do everything they can to protect and keep their baby safe, which is why everything that goes into a nursery deserves to be considered, healthy and functional. We recommend that a good place to start is focusing on the set up of the sleeping zone so that it is a healthier and more restorative for the baby (and for you).

To get you started, below are our top picks for non-toxic and organic sleeping essentials. 

image source: @whiteterry

Opt : for a natural crib

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to avoid major toxins from cribs.  Look for solid wood cribs as opposed to pressboard or MDF cribs which contain formaldehyde.

If the crib is painted or you are looking to do a DIY, then ensure the paint is non-toxic. 

UK brand: oeuf-sparrow-cot

AUS brand: the-airlie-cot

image source: @oeufnyc

Invest : in an organic crib mattress

This may be the most important nursery item to buy organic and non-toxic. Our skin is our largest organ and (as our last blog explored) it absorbs everything it comes in contact with, including textiles. As babies require huge amounts of sleep  in order to facilitate their rapid growth, having a safe, chemical-free environment to sleep on is essential to support their healthy development. An organic crib mattress can help increase blood flow and relieve pressure, optimising a good night’s sleep for your baby.

UK brand naturalmat-nursery-mattresses

AUS brand Milari-green-baby-mattress

image source: @thelittlegreensheep

Add : non-synthetic sheets and mattress protector

A baby’s skin is delicate, so providing not only the softest but the safest  baby bedding and crib protector is of utmost importance. Bedding is nearly as important as a non-toxic mattress for the same reason that your baby is inhaling/ absorbing what they sleep in as they grow. To make things easy, we recommend buying 100% organic cotton sheets and sleep sacks. If you can’t do 100% organic, then aim for 100% cotton.

Don’t forget to look for a GOTS-certified, moisture-resistant, crib pads to protect the mattress from stains, leaks, and any spills. 

UK brand organic-cotton-baby bedding

AUS brand hemp-organic-cotton-cot-sheet-set

image source: @ouefnyc

Set : the mood with a multifunctional nightlight

Sometimes the simplest things like light control can have the greatest impact on our sleep, mood, peace of mind and the same approach goes for babies. Having a night light int he nursery is helpful for nighttime navigation to ensure your baby is not disturbed. Just be sure not to place it too close to your baby’s sleeping area, as soft light can be distracting and can interfere with the quality of their sleep.  It is also important to keep in mind that blue light acts as a stimulus so try to find one that emits red light instead so that the baby can release melatonin more naturally. 

UK brand glowdreaming (coming to UK soon)

AUS brand glowdreaming

image source: @glowdreaming

Hang : a soothing baby mobile

A mobile is an essential item for any baby’s nursery and many become an established part of the décor. The best will feature comforting shapes and should be able to withstand a little bit of grabbing from tiny hands. It’s a common misconception that mobiles with lights help the baby to drift off peacefully, but it can also do more harm than good as it acts as a stimulus, distracting your baby. Music mobiles are OK to lull the baby to sleep, so a mobile with built in sound is fine to also have.

UK brand scandi-crochet-mobile

AUS brand koala-baby-mobile

image source: @poppyslittletreasures


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